Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Dear Sweet Baby Boy}

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happy birthday!

oh how you melt my heart, and crack me up!
today when i said tomorrow’s your birthday, you said, “no!”
you are a silly boy with such a sense of humor (a future class clown I’m sure).

people told me a boy would be different from girls.
they were right.
you have my heart in a different way than your sister does.
you melt me.
the way you wrap your arm tight around my neck every night after bathtime and give me a BIG kiss.
the way you walk up to me throughout the day and kiss my leg, just because.
the way you say, “nnnnnnoooooooo” to me. yes, even then.

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and you are becoming such a big boy!
you are getting so good at using your words, and telling us what you want. (although, sometimes your sister does has to decipher for us)
i love that you don’t get frustrated very often.
and when you do i love the way you stomp that right leg and say – MAH! (mad)

but you are still my baby.
i love when you say, “” when you want me to hold you and “lap” when you want to sit with me. thank you for not growing too big too fast.

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and you are such a lover!
not only to daddy and i, but to your sister.
i love that you walk up to ella and give her unexpected hugs and kisses.
that you demand hugs and kisses (“huuu, kiii”) every night at bedtime over and over.
i love that you go to Wel-wah (ella)  for comfort when you are sad.
i love that you even let her pick you up sometimes, even though you’re nearly the same size!

bubs, you are one amazing boy.
i know our great big God put you in our family for a very special reason.
you fit. you changed us. you made us different. you make us better.

DSC_0174 copyB&W
thank you, Lord, for entrusting us with this little boy.
train us in the ways we should guide him to be a man after Your own heart.
help us to steer his passion for life into a passion for Your word, for You.

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