Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{Sisterly LOVE}

I have really always loved the fact that I was an only child. Because, after all did I really ever know any different? I was really close with both of my parents (still am) and we did everything together. It’s kind of a running joke in our family that all three of us grew up together…we did everything together – went everywhere together. I know that it’s a special relationship that we have and one that I wish everyone shared with their parents (they both walked me down the aisle). I have never felt like I missed out on anything until last night.

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The kids and I have gotten into the habit of getting ready for bed earlier and then trying to be in Ella’s bed around 7:45 for story time. I love piling up in there and reading bedtime stories together. Tuesdays is Library day at pre-school and so we usually read that book all week and then depending on how well we did about getting ready for bed in a timely fashion we can add a couple of more books as time allows. This week she had chosen A Bug Collection by Max Lucado with 4 short stories inside - we had just finished up the final lesson story about Buzby, the misbehaving Bee.

I closed the book and told Blake to give sister hugs and kisses. He rolls over on his side and leans into her and she bends down and starts rubbing his hair. She says in a soft voice, “Do you know what my favorite thing to do is? Spend time with you.” and leans down and kisses his forehead. That BIG act of love in her little 4 year old body made this Mamma’s heart burst! (a few tears let loose too) What a precious little relationship that they have and I know that they are still young but I hope that it stays this strong and this full of love always. I do not always get along and they still scream and hit each other but when it’s bedtime and time for hugs and kisses they give it all they’ve got. When Blake gets upset after he’s been comforted by Mommy or Daddy it’s WeWah he’s looking for to comfort him next. It’s a blessing to be the mother of these two precious children and I’m pretty sure that I learn more from them some days than they do from me…such is parenting.

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Stacy of KSW said...

You brought a few tears to my eyes with this one too! LOve that sweet little crew of yours and those cuddly moments before bedtime too. I feel myself thinking the same things -- please let them stay this close always. Let's hope they do