Saturday, August 27, 2011

{Happy Birthday Monkey}


Lomo (Light Vignette)

1462 days.

That’s how many days you have been my baby girl.

You fell asleep in my bed last night and when your daddy asked me if I was going to take you to bed I said, “Not yet, listening to her breath in and out relaxes me.”

DSC_0030 copy

Are you going to remember turning 4? Are you going to have great memories from your childhood?

Will you remember the year you were in love with all things Hello Kitty?


Will you remember the funny things that you say:

Hair Conversation = Hair Salon

Minnie the Moo = Winnie the Poo

 DSC_0404 copy

Will you remember the way you INSISTED on dressing yourself in dresses for pre-school and play clothes for church?

Will you remember the way that you squeeled and danced around in the rain after praying consistently to God for it?

Will you remember when you looked over at me and said – Best.Day.Ever.


Will you have fantastic memories of your birthdays and make just as big of a deal of them as I did?


Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

DSC_0076 copy

Here’s hoping you are filled with happy memories always!

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