Monday, June 22, 2009

{Photo Contest}

Awhile back I stumbled across the Company Girl web-site. Rachel was running a photo contest for her book “Company Girl”.

A gift book that will be published in Fall 2009, is dedicated to girlfriends everywhere.

But this book won’t be complete without some great photographs about the kind of friendship that I’m describing. That's where YOU come in!

Submissions for the book’s photographs will be open to the general public.

Once published, this book will be one that every woman will want to share with a friend. It will be a perfect gift for both special occasions and those “just because!” times that girlfriends know so well.

I am delighted to share this whole project with online friends everywhere…offering you a chance to be part of the finished product with your very own photo in the publication!

Rachel Anne Ridge, author

I scanned thru my pictures and came up with 3 pictures that I submitted. The voting for the photos started today. I would love it if you would vote on my pictures!

The rules are as follows:

Vote for your favorite photo!  Voting starts Monday, June 22 through Sunday, June 28 (midnight CST).

Voting Guidelines: EASY! Each visitor to this site will get THREE votes.  Simply click on the star below your three favorites to register your votes.  We are on the Honor System here, so please keep to the three vote total.  HOWEVER, feel free to invite all your friends to come and vote for YOUR photos (if you submitted).  Blog, Facebook, Twitter and good ol-fashioned email are excellent ways to get the word out.  Let everyone know you might be published and get them here to vote for you!

The most popular photo will earn a guaranteed spot in the Company Girl gift book, AND will be beautifully gallery mounted and given to the winner. It’s a perfect way to celebrate friendship!

So get your votes on!  Have fun!

Rachel Anne and Dawn


The pictures I submitted are: (you can click on the picture number and follow the link to the pictures to vote)


# 178


Thanks in advance for the vote! I'll let you know if any of them make it into the book!

Now, Go Vote - Hurry!!! :)

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