Thursday, October 30, 2008

{This Shit Don't Stink}

I got forwarded an email from a co-worker today.

He had a meeting while I was gone yesterday and he wanted to pass along some of the things that they had gone over. The salesman had told him of a dog toy line that he represents that he thought would be a good fit for Nelson Wholesale customers. He emailed a catalog today - this is what I was forwarded.

On page 18 of the catalog this is what you will find...


Mini Poops is approximately 5" tall and 1 1/4" in diameter


Mr. Poops is approximately 10" tall and 2" in diameter



*A visual in case you were wondering what your dog would look like playing with Mini/Mr. Poops*

And in case you need a little more information on Mini/Mr. Poops here is a little history on this disgusting up and coming dog toy...

Abandoned at birth, Mr. Poops could not understand why
no one would want him. Alone, in the hot sun, he was left to
dry out with no hope of survival. With each passing dog he
hoped that he would not be so dried out that no one would
recognize him as they sniffed looking to find their own family.
Good fortune fell upon Mr. Poops when a rain storm washed
him into a storm drain where we was able to float his way
to a store near you. Please adopt Mr. Poops and give him
the family he deserves. Reunite him with a dog that wants
to put Mr. Poops in their mouth and squeak him with the
unconditional love only a dog could provide.

Mini Poops - $5.99 Suggested Retail

Mr. Poops - $11.99 Suggested Retail

People I can't make this shit stuff up. I.Promise.

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