Thursday, October 30, 2008

{Free Fonts}

Several of you knew me when I worked as a Sales Rep for a showroom in the World Trade Center in Dallas, Erik Hahn & Associates. After traveling many miles and being gone an average of 4 days a week I decided that in order to make my marriage last and to eventually have a family that I needed to find something closer to home. Now I'm a lot closer to work...3 miles to be exact.

While working for Erik Hahn we represented a number of paper lines. It was extremely hard to be around all of that cute paper and not fall in love. I grew a slight obsession to all things paper. Note Cards, Calling Cards, Labels, Pens, Journals,Invitations, Stationery so on and so get the idea. Along with paper comes fonts and working with one company for the 5 years I was a sales rep I always loved when they came out with a new release and in a tiny font size somewhere on the invitation they would put the name of the font. I started writing them down and looking for them (or something similiar) for my computer at home so that when I needed to do and invitation or a Christmas Card I didn't have the same ole' generic font that everyone used.

Fast forward 6 years and I have found the cutest web-site that offers free fonts. They will even create a font of your hand writing. I have printed out all of the instructions of the process and I plan on getting my very own Meredith Font! Exciting, No?

Go visit Kevin & Amanda and check out all of the font deliciousness that they have created and are allowing all of us to download for FREE! They are very talented and are very generous. They also have some recipes on their web-site that caused almost caused me to lick my screen. UMM-UMM GOOD!

If you love all things paper or love to scrapbook you will love these fonts. ENJOY!




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