Thursday, October 30, 2008

{There Heeeerrrreeeee}

We got home rather late last night after the day of events and I was exhausted as I walked in the door. I put Ella Grace to bed and was getting ready to do the same when I found this box waiting patiently by the front door.

IMG_2377 copy

It was addressed to me and I couldn't think of anything that I had ordered lately and then I saw the return address label...

IMG_2381 copy

I think I may have squeeled a little when I figured it out. It was the giveaway that I had one over here ,remember? I gushed about it here, remember?


I opened the box and I loved the shredded paper surrounding my lovely winnings! Oooooohhhhh - the suspense.


Under the layers of paper I found this...

IMG_2383 copy

look at how cute Kendra decorated up the plain ole' bakers box with a window. She is one creative chick!

IMG_2384 copy

I carefully lifted the box lid and unwrapped the polka dot tissue paper and these little bits of yummies are what I found in all of their butter cookie goodness...

IMG_2385 copy

I was expecting some cookies but let me say:

#1 I was expecting cute but I was not expecting KA-UTE!

#2 I wasn't expecting so many different kinds...

Wicked Witches

Creepy Cats

Bewitching Brooms

Auspicious Owls

Bad Bats

Putrid Pumpkins

they all were in their individually labeled bags and let me tell you...those creepy cats were yummy! I'm like a little kid I bit the head off first.HA.

Thanks again, Kendra!

I'm all about paying it forward so now I have to come up with something that I can giveaway...Any ideas?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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