Monday, September 22, 2008

{Flyin' The Friendly Skies}

So I had to go to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago for work...All.Work.No.Play.

This was the week before Hurricane Ike was supposed to take landfall on the Texas Coast on Saturday.

We were originally supposed to leave about 1:00 to fly out first clue should have been when my boss came into my office about 10:00 and told me to shut things down we were leaving. He has a t.v. with the weather channel in his office - I do NOT.

We landed half way which was Santa Fe to re-fuel and for him to go into the back office ALONE and watch the weather again. Slight turbulence from Brownwood to Santa Fe no big deal. Turbulence from Santa Fe onto Las Vegas? BIG DEAL!

I have flown in smaller airplanes a lot with all of the men in Chad's family and NEVER have I experienced such a nerve wrecking, white nuckle, stomach rolling flight. You would think that the harness style seat belts would keep you secure in your seat...NAH - airborne twice.

Finally six and a half hours later we landed in The City of Lights. My knees were weak and my stomach was weaker. It was a priceless moment when the cab driver picked us up to take us to our hotel and told us that we had just landed in the most dangerous airport in the country,
2 crashes the week before.Nice.

Needless to say on Wednesday morning when it was time to leave I wasn't real keen on the idea. Unless he could promise sunshine and roses the whole flight. He couldn't.

We re-fueled again in Santa Fe and this time we were all watching the weather.Just in case. There were storms the entire way between Santa Fe and Brownwood - Thanks Ike! The flight home was not near as bad as the flight out there but every little bump I wondered if it would turn into a roller coaster ride.

Jill found got my attention outside of Texas and showed me a card that she had found in the seat back in front of her (I should have been a stewardess).

I couldn't help but laugh. Just in case you are ever in a Cessna Single Engine Composite Plane this is how you should act in case of an emergency...

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

We landed.
In one piece.
No more flying.
I'd rather walk.
Even to Vegas.

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