Monday, September 22, 2008

{It's Official - Happy Fall Ya'll}

I was catching up with Melissa over at The Inspired Room today and she made a little list of 20 things to treasure in Autumn. I loved it so much I figured I tell you what I love about fall! So here goes!

20 Things To Treasure in Autumn

Cherished Moments with Family and Friends
Fresh Breezes through Open Windows
Fall Festivals
Knee High boots and Skirts
Family Gatherings
Crock Pots of Soups & Stews
Curling Up in a Chair with a Good Book
The Smell of Chimney Fires
Flannel Jammies
Down Comforters on a Cold Night
Teracotta Pots with Mums
The Glow of Fall Scented Candles
Hot Chocolate
Falling Leaves
Cool Evenings & Mornings
Pumpkin Patches & Pumpkin Carving
Snuggling Under a Mound of Blankets
Velour Jumpsuits & UGGS
What are Some of the Things You Treasure?

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