Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Load at a Time...

Not to toot my own horn...TOOT TOOT.

But, I would like to note that on May 26th, 2008 I did 3 loads of laundry; 2 were folded and put away and the last was out of the dryer and sorted before bed.

This is huge people. HUGE!

I can't wait for laundry days like this...doesn't that mother and daughter look so happy. The daughter is smiling because she is helping mommy and the mommy is smiling because the daughter is too young to be annoyed by laundry. Hey, isn't that why we have children - to do everything help around the house?

My usual laundry saga goes something like this...

1. Sort Laundry - huge piles in closet, workout room floor and floor of laundry room. Why don't I use the cute and tidy little white wire baskets that Chad so neatly installed in the laundry room, you ask? Because ALL of my months of piles of laundry won't fit in there silly.

2. Put 1st load in Wash. Go to work...forget to change load (running late and switching the laundry only makes you later, duh!), come home for lunch (forget to change load - eat and run) come home after work (forget to change laundry) play with little bit, make dinner, eat dinner, get Ella ready for bed, bedtime for Ella, bedtime for Mommy...Two days later Chad asks if I'm going to re-wash the "fresh" smelling clothes in the washer.

3. Re-Wash 1st load (hopefully can remember to put in dryer this time - I think my worst laundry moment is re-washing a load 3 times...i.think.)

4. That night turn washer on to re-wash 1st load (oops forgot!)

5. Put clothes in dryer

6. Leave clothes in dryer until they get a nice and crinkled effect (or I need something out of there)

7. Move clothes from dryer to countertop in the laundry room...I'm not snobbish about where I pile my laundry, the chair in my bedroom, the bed and the shelves in my closet have all been blessed at one point or another with "holding" my laundry until I can put it away.

8. Running late for work...where on earth is that one top that I want to wear?

and the house looks a little something like this...

There's nothing like Tylenol PM a domestic laundry day to help you sleep like a baby...

No babies were harmed during laundry day for this post!

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