Friday, May 23, 2008

Redneck Weddin's! YEE HAW!

Have any of you seen THIS show? Since my husband rules the roost the remote, I get stuck watching all kinds of weird educational shows. This one just left me dumb founded and in awe that people are willing to share their awful interesting weddings with everyone.

I've seen several episodes now *gasp* Here was my favorite:

In case you missed it, let me recap the most special day of her life for you.John and Gail, employed by the three paper routes they both run, are in love. Gail ordered her wedding dress on the internet and instead of getting a size 28 like she ordered, she got an 8. Her loving fiancé tried and tried, but no matter how many breaths she took in, there was no squeezing into that thing. She also ran into a little snag when her teef turned up missing just before the ceremony.

Yes, I said teeth.

The flowers that the bridesmaids carried? Orange lilies stuck into beer cans.The ceremony took place in a flea market/bar/convenience/gas station, which John's mother (who they live with...are we surprised?) isn't all that happy about.

In addition to an archway constructed out of beer cans and Christmas tree lights, newspapers being used as tablecloths, and a good old-fashioned mechanical bull at the reception (Oh yes, in the wedding dress), John and Gail are going to have chickens released instead of the traditional dove release after the two say "I do." John, the fiancee, guzzled the last few beers just in time to get them hung. That's really taking one for the team, John!

In his vows he declares that she is hot and sexy as a Hot Pocket. The sandwich. He sounds like such a lover doesn't he? Gail is fortunate enough to get a stuffed animal out of a vending machine for a wedding present. Which she loved (and what bride wouldn't?).

It was interesting to say the least. Would this fall under the category of Reality TV? I think I'll just call it HEE YEE HAW!

Lurve! What a wonderful thing!

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