Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We traveled the beautiful Texas Hill Country roads this past weekend headed to Bandera, Texas to attend the wedding of Chad's first cousin Robert and his bride Megan. Aern't the newlyweds cute?

We took off Friday after I got off work and headed South down Hwy. 377...Driving thru the self proclaimed "Heart of Texas" Brady, Texas we passed this sign...

it's always nice to find helpful bits of information along the way !

Next we passed an interesting critter on the side of the road - I had to wonder if he was preparing for the wedding reception...

When we got to Bandera it was quite the sight, apparently the Biker Rally had been rescheduled for last weekend and so we were joined by thousands and thousands of bikers...Nothing like saying "I do" with a bunch of bikes revving their motors in the background

On the way home from the wedding reception we needed a drink - so we pull thru the drive thru at Sonic when lo and behold...I spy something white, red, green and demonic...Is is the chicken hoopty car parked across the street? YEP! That's it! Does is get any better than an old cadillac car decked out in all the chicken finery and glory? Nope!

Disclaimer - O.K. so maybe we did not see all of these on our Tour of the Hill Country but the Poop Sign and a Chicken Car are nothing to joke about!

Well, we're off to Naples, Florida at 6:05am in the morning - Don't worry I'll have my camera in tow so that we won't miss any of the photo opps that good ole' Florida has to offer! We'll see if they even hold a candle to TEXAS!

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