Friday, April 4, 2008

Still Hangin' Tough!

It’s true I just got off of the phone with Chad to beg ask him to TIVO the Today show this morning, the conversation went a little like this:

M: Have you left the house yet?
C: I’m standing in the doorway…
M: Can you Tivo the Today show for me?
C: I’ll see what I can do, what channel does it come on?
M: I’m not sure…

(*C calls me back a little later)

C: What channel does it come on?
C: It isn’t on there
M: Maybe I missed it…(crying into my breakfast smoothie shake)
C: Here it says …Today
M: THAT’S IT (having heart palpatations)
C: Who’s going to be on there?
C: LONG SILENCE (que crickets...chirp, chirp)

AND it’s official- New Kids on the Block are making a comeback. And I just did a cart-wheel.

The boys from Beantown (OMG I feel like I am twelve years old again, eagerly flipping through a battered copy of BOP or TIGER BEAT and cutting the pictures out). NKOTB are performing this morning on the Today show. Rumor has it that they’ll be announcing a reunion tour.

I’m there. Who’s with me? Wanna carpool? I’ll wear my giant Joe pin. Don’t forget your Jordan t-shirt.

For now I encourage you to find your slashed acid wash jeans that you buried in your closet, refresh your memory on how to tight roll your jeans and commit to ‘Hangin tough’.

*Hello boys.......and they still have "The Right Stuff!"*

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