Friday, April 18, 2008

Positive & Negative Words...

I found this article on marriage partnership about positive and negative words. I thought this was very interesting. I'll admit that I do have had a tendency to say things without thinking about them first and I have truly been working on that who is that I hear laughing, in my marriage.

If you are actually working don't have time to read the article atleast skim these great tips!

The Positive High-Five

Many husbands, wives, and children are starving emotionally. They crave just a few crumbs of kindness and affirmation.

Give them:
1. A meaningful touch
2. A listening ear (I know, I know....that DOESN"T Interrupt!)
3. Approval without conditions
4. A kind act (Does NOT rolling your eyes count?)
5. Time spent with them, doing what they like

Before You Speak

Ask yourself the following questions:
Does this really need to be said?
Does the other person want to hear it?
Does it build them up?
Is it wise?
Is it going to better me?
Is it going to better the other person?
Can it be said gently, kindly, and with love?
Does it give a blessing?

7 Quick Ways to Value Your Spouse
By Donna Savage
* I especially LOVE #5...I just might have to do that *
C, act like you did not read that part, K!

* I really try to do #3 but I'm not sure if hubbie is ever within earshot ~ OOPS!*

1. Keep current photos of your mate front and center in your home and office.
2. Create an "Atta Boy!" wall or board. One wife posted positive notes and work memos on her husband's closet wall where he'd see them every morning.
3. Brag on your spouse's character and accomplishments to others—within his earshot.
4. Write a sentence prayer for her on a sticky note and leave it on her steering wheel.
5. Copy the Top 10 Reasons approach, such as "10 Ways You Helped Me This Month" or "10 Reasons You Make Me Smile."
6. Tape an index card with his name and a Bible verse on the bathroom mirror as a prayer prompt. Change the card once a month.
7. Leave your words of love or thanks on your spouse's voicemail or message machine.

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