Monday, December 10, 2007


Well Ella has found her voice and her favorite noise to make right now is a growl. She just sits there and growls....I guess she just likes to hear herself. She is the most content baby and is always so good. We went over to visit Alivia on Friday night and Ella just sat (yes, sat...she loves sitting up and looks like such a big girl) on the couch and growled for about 30 minutes. She stopped to smile and talk a little and of course smile for the camera but then it was quickly back to growling.

It's so funny to watch her find her voice. Last week while I was bathing her before bedtime she "squealed" and she got the funniest look on her face after that sound came out. I think it scared her...she crinkled up her forehead and stared at me like I had made a sound that she DID NOT like.

She is changing every day and becoming more interactive - she is so fun to have around. While Chad and I were covering her with kisses on Saturday we asked her if she thought she got enough kisses - she didn't say will just keep covering her with more!

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