Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sleep Sacks Showdown!

Well, Ella is finally coming down from a 2 week cold. We had the itchy eyes, runny nose, cough, and just all around NOT feeling good. Tis the Season. This is the first week that she has really been feeling better and you can tell. She is back to her smiley little self!

While she was sick the coughing and stuffy nose disrupted her sleeping schedule and she had some rough nights. Between not being able to breath thru her nose and coughing she was no longer sleeping thru the night (8:30pm - 8:30am) on top of the fact that she is figuring out how to "wiggle" out of her swaddle blanket, that wakes her up too!

So after some research yesterday I tried to figure out a blanket to make to keep her swaddled all night long (thinking this might help get her back to sleeping good!). So I found some measurements and ideas on the internet and when I got home last night I went thru my material scraps found some material and started drawing and cutting. Chad wasn't real sure what I was doing and he thinks that the root of the problem (her not sleeping) has to do more with the fact that she didn't have much of an appetite while she was sick and would just wake up hungry. (he does have a point) While I was thinking, sketching, cutting, and sewing Daddy thought that he needed to make the baby a sack too! So we spent the evening fighting over the sewing machine and going back and forth with measuring, etc. Ella was hanging out looking at us like we were crazy. Chad put her in "The Daddy Pant Leg" before he was done with it to see how it "fit" and to show me that I was putting way to much effort into the "thing" that I was making.

The first fitting of The Daddy Pant Leg:

So while I'm taking measurements and trying to figure out just how I want my blanket to be I look over to check on Ella and this is what I see:

One Point for Team Daddy!

So I keep cutting and sewing, determined that she was sleeping in that blanket last night...I finally finished up and tried her out in it....Chad said that she looked like a little Mummy!

She's Mummy's Little Girl

Now we are past dinner time and after all of that sewing I had worked up quite an appetite (it's tough work) - so I laid Ella down so I could finish dinner and when I came back.......

One Point for Team Mommy!
So, I guess we are tied! That's O.k. we had a good time AND a good night's sleep!

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