Monday, November 5, 2007

A Visit from Old Friends!

We had the nicest visit with some of our friends from Texas Tech. Brad and Chad were fraternity brothers and his wife Melissa and I graduated from the same program (Merchandising).

We attended their wedding and had not seen them since Melissa and I graduated in August of 2000. One of the pillars of the Tech Beta Theta Pi Chapter passed away this last week and we attended his memorial service in Lubbock on November 2nd. We got to catch up with Brad and Melissa after the memorial and we all had a nice time. We learned that they would be in Bangs this past weekend to watch Melissa's little brother play football on Friday night.

They came in a little early on Friday and we got to meet their daughter Maddie who is the most precious 4 year old you've ever met. We drove around the ranch and looked at the cows and longhorns, and Maddie who was sitting in the back-seat between her mother and I kept asking if we were going to eat at "Donald's" (McDonalds). She is just precious and she was a BIG helper with Ella. She helped feed her and keep her mouth wiped. She even re-folded all of the things that we had gotten out of the diaper bag. Maybe I need a 4 year old to help around the house?

We ended up going to the ballgame with them so that we could continue our visit for a little was perfect High School Football weather...Cold! Wall didn't win but it was a pretty good game.

We enjoyed our time with The Howells and are thankful for the opportunity to meet up after all of these years. We are determined not to let it be so long before we see each other again and we promised to do better at keeping in touch!

Good Friends Are Good to Have!

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