Monday, November 19, 2007


Well Friday the 16th I turned 31...not a real exciting birthday but a birthday none the less. My great friend Channa came in from Dallas that afternoon and we went out to dinner Friday night with Channa, our cousins Robert & Megan and Carter. We had a great time and it was a nice way to spend a birthday. On saturday morning I got up and went to Super Wal-Mart with Channa (big mistake - this was the last weekend before Thanksgiving). I needed to get all of my stuff together for Thanksgiving and Channa needed a few odds and ends so we endured the crowds and got it done. We had decided to cook dinner that night but couldn't come up with what we wanted at that time and decided that we would rather go to the grocery store later than stand there any longer! (Although we did get Ella a REAL cute Santa hat for her first Christmas!)

We got back to my house and watched a movie and relaxed; it was a beautiful day outside and my good friend Mandy brought her little boy over to play while her husband was playing golf. (She said that she needed to get out of the house!) Hayli joined us after too long (Mandy had called her to join us) so we all sat outside on our patio and enjoyed the day. Ella was camped out in her swing and was loving it WHEN.....out walked my friends Katie and Karen. Katie lives in Lubbock and we had seen her briefly a couple of weeks before when we were up there for a funeral. I wanted her to meet Ella Grace in person. Karen lives in Carrollton and I hadn't seen her in about 3+ years. (We all became great friends at Tech!) I stood there for awhile trying to figure out if they were really there and then came the tears!

I have such a loving and thoughtful husband and he had decided that for my 31st birthday I would probably like to get together with my girlfriends and he had planned it all! Little did I know that while Channa & I were at Wal-Mart he was on the phone, giving directions and cleaning the house (I thought it was a nice birthday gesture that he was picking up). He had been texting back and forth all day and getting everyone at the house at the right time. I was shocked and had the best time.

I am fortunate that Mandy and Hayli live here and I can see them whenever I want (although we do take advantage of that sometimes and a while goes by before we see each other). We missed Chica who was at home under the weather, she's 36 weeks pregnant and we want her and baby Alivia healthy and happy. Channa is marrying one of our good friends from B-wood in April (Yes, I set them up....I'm 2 for 2 on match making - I think I'll quit while I'm ahead) and then will be moving here, their home is about a mile from ours. I'm thankful for that and looking forward to the times that we will have together and the memories that our families will make together. (They are the best Auntie Channa and Uncle JJ to Ella Grace) Katie works too hard and doesn't find much time to get away from Lubbock and so we don't get to see her that often. I feel really fortunate that she saw Ella and that she found the time to come down for my birthday. Karen lives in the metroplex, when I lived in Dallas her and Whit invited me over to dinner several times and we saw each other more often. After I moved I would see her 1-2 a year while I was at market for work, but since I'm no longer with that job and hardly ever in Dallas anymore those visits have stretched out to 3+ years! Katie and Karen had quite a trip getting down here and I'm glad they made made my day! Danielle who lives in Brownwood an went to Tech with us came over and joined us and the "old days" stories started coming out! Chad's cousin Robert and his fiance were in town for the weekend and they joined us for the festivities. We always have a good time with them!

I'm liking my 30's so far...I had this revelation last year. I've decided that by your 30's you've figured out who you are and who your real friends are (I know these will be the ones that I have for the long haul) I consider these 2 major milestones in life. 3 of those girls were in my wedding, 3 of them were there when Ella Grace was born and ALL of them have been there for me since I've known them.

" I get by with a little help from my friends."

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