Monday, November 19, 2007

Thoughts of You Make Me Smile!

Mindy Lynn Wright
November 19, 1970 - June 11, 2004
Today we celebrate the life and the memories of one of my dearest friends Mindy Wright. You can't remember Mindy and not smile. Several words come to mind when I think about her:
I am so happy for the years that I got to spend with Mindy and the memories that we made, and I love to look at Jack and keep her memory alive. He is the spitting image of his mother (although he's all boy) and she left a wonderful legacy behind for her son. We all have stories, pictures and fond memories that we will share with him one day when he is ready and old enough to appreciate the person that his mother was. I hate that he was robbed the bond and the ability to create his own fond times with her. It makes me ever more thankful for Ella and for all of the times that we have spent and will spend together.
You will always be loved and greatly missed!

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