Monday, November 26, 2007

Locker Family Reunion

This Sunday we gathered at the Colorado River in Winchell, Texas and had the Dr. S. Braswell Locker Family Reunion and belated 93rd Birthday Celebration. (Pop - 11/16)

It was a great time, we had family come from all of our scattered homes in Texas get together. There are 2 new babies added to the family since the reunion last year and lots of catching up to do.

Our "Pop" couldn't join us due to a fall on Friday morning that fractured his femur. He is in the hospital awaiting surgery on Tuesday. We missed having Pop there but Grandmother assured us that she is going to take pictures and tell him all about our get together. The weather was cold and rainy but that didn't dampen our turn out. All 4 of their children were present with their spouses. 7 of the 11 grand children were present with their spouses, and 10 of 13 great-grand children were there. All in all we had 22 family members gathered around the Thanksgiving table. Watching all of the little children play made the gathering worth it! How precious they all are and we are all Thankful for them.

Before we all headed home we got all of the children together for a picture with Grandmother. It is a precious memory that we will all keep. Grandmother told us that she wanted a picture of all of the parents with their cameras trying to get the children to smile on command. We stuck Ella and Jackson (26 Days apart) in Jack's little travel swing for a picture...They were not really too sure about what was going on! What a great time!

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