Monday, November 26, 2007

We LOVE Broccoli!

On Friday after Thanksgiving we introduced Ella to her very first solid food....BROCCOLI! I steamed a head of broccoli and then pureed it in the blender to get that perfect baby food consistency. I tasted it...not bad - Daddy wasn't that brave! I told him not to mistake it in the fridge for guacomole !
She didn't mind it at first she was moving her tongue around trying to figure out what that texture was and she had several little spoon fulls with no real emotion. Then I started putting it farther into her mouth so that when she moved her tongue around she didn't push all of it out onto her bib...that's when the gagging began! She doesn't like it stuck to the roof of her mouth either!
So we began our twice daily routine of a tablespoon or 2 of broccoli. She will get that for 2 weeks until she's really established on it (my father-in-law isn't real sure you can ever really get established on broccoli). Once that is going down good and she's liking it we can introduce a new veggie. We started with vegetables on the advice of Ella's pediatrician who told us if we started her on fruits we would never get a vegetable down her...So we have begun building the solid foundation of healthy foods - Maybe she'll never like chips and hot sauce like her mommy or ice cream like her daddy!

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