Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Great Grandparents

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning I loaded up the little one and after breakfast with Daddy we drove south-west to Junction to suprise Babo (my grandfather) and my mom and dad who were visiting him for the weekend. My grandfather had only met her once before (when she was 2 weeks old) and it had been awhile since my dad had seen her. Babo instantly made Ella smile and he informed me that she looked just like him. This cracked us all up. We stayed the day and visited and had dinner with them before returning home.

On Sunday morning at 10:30 we got in the truck with Chad's parents and headed north-west to Albany to see Chad's maternal grandparents who had not met Ella yet. We had a great lunch and visit with them and helped to cross off a few of Grandmother Pittman's Honey-Dos. Chad and I drove around the ranch on the mule with Ella in her front carrier - She loved it and the weather was beautiful.

I feel so fortunate for Ella to have 3 sets of Great-Grandparents, 1 set which lives here close to us. I have always looked at the pictures of myself with my great-grandparents after I was born; even though I was so young and don't remember them I cherish the photos - especially growing up in such a small family. I do wish that my dad's parents were here to see Ella, my Mommo would eat her up and make us all drop from shopping so hard. I guess she will get the next best thing to Mommo since my family says that I act just like her. I'm glad that we have had the opportunity to introduce Ella to all of her Great-Grandparents and I am so thankful for the wonderful Grandparents that Chad and I have. Ella was born into a family of love and for that I thankful. Having Ella has brought Chad and myself to a whole new level on family and we are very appreciative for all that we have.

My Mother's Parents - Gwyn & Jackie House

Chad's Mother's Mom - LaVerrell Pittman

Chad's Dad's Parents - Dr. Braswell & Billie Locker

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