Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Local jeweler carries on a family tradition

Written by Teresa Parsons
Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Here are the four generations of women in the Gwyn House family — Gwyn’s wife Jackie, daughter Jeana, right, granddaughter Meredith, left, and newest edition, great-granddaughter Ella.
In some families, when a baby is born, fathers celebrate with a cigar, mothers begin a new baby book, and grandmothers stitch a new quilt - it’s all tradition.In Gwyn House’s family, a new baby means a new name engraved on a 55-year-old silver cup.The long-time Junction jeweler began a family tradition when his daughter Jeanna was born in 1952. Then when Jeanna married Tim Fulfer and had a daughter herself, in 1977, she was named Meredith. Proud grandpa Gwyn got his engraving tools out and hand-engraved his granddaughter’s name on the sterling silver cup. And when Meredith and her husband Chad Locker made him a great-grandfather, House saw no reason not to continue the tradition. Ella Grace was born August 27, 2007, and her name was added near the bottom of the petite baby cup.

Pictured is the Sterling silver cup House hand-engraved with his loved ones names when each of them was born.
Every other Sunday, House travels to visit with his wife, Margaret “Jackie”, now bed-ridden and living in Wimberley with Jeanna and her family. On one recent visit, Meredith, with two-week old Ella in tow, drove down for the day from Brownwood to be on hand for a photographer to capture the four generations of women.House, married to Jackie for more than 60 years now, will also soon present little Ella with her first piece of jewelry, a tiny gold cross pendant with an even tinier diamond center, handmade especially for her by none other than her great-grandfather.

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