Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Our Tiny Dancer}

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June 1st started off with a whirlwind of Dance Showcase rehearsals. We had pre-rehearsal, rehearsal – then we had awards night and dress rehearsal and then we had the Dance Showcase on Friday night and Saturday night…WHEW! What a way to end Ella’s first year of Ballet and Jazz.


I will admit that I thought the pre-rehearsal rehearsal was a bit much but the teacher knows what she is doing…that rehearsal is made for little girls like mine who all of a sudden decide that dancing on that big stage is not for them and it’s time to go home! Yep, she was ready to turn down all forms of bribery and head to the car. She sat on the side of the stage the whole time that they practiced their ballet performance and after a quick pep-talk she marched up there with the other girls in her class to practice her jazz dance – they moved onto the 3 year old group dance and everything was flowing smoother.


At the awards ceremony on the next night she was not having any part of that big stage again and in stepped my good friend Jessica and her daughter Hannah to talk to Ella about how exciting and nervous her first recital can be and how she will do so good and there is nothing to worry about. Tears flowed down my cheeks as I watched these 2 precious people talk so sweet and calmly to Ella and reassure her (something that was NOT happening with me at that moment).

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She did receive an Excellence certificate for her class and she received the Tiny New award for the 3 year old classes too – which she was SUPER excited about because the trophy was pink!

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Friday and Saturday were performance nights and it did wear us out but it was a fun time! The only thing is she wants to take ALL the classes next year…so much for slowing down!



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