Tuesday, November 24, 2009

{Gobble, Gobble}

Ella is out of school for the rest of the week for Thanksgiving break. On Sunday night I realized that she didn’t have school on Wednesday and the shirt that I had envisioned making her in my head needed to be done right then. I had seen several different versions of these around blogland and thought that it was a really cute idea.

November 2009 025

I traced around her little hand on a piece of scrap paper with a crayon that was nearby. I cut out that little hand and traced it on the reverse side of the material. When the hand was outlined I got the sewing machine out and followed the lines around the hand with the shirt turned inside out and the right side of the material facing down. After I machine stitched all the way around the hand I turned the shirt right side out and did a reverse applique technique (good tutorial here). I got some really small scissors and cut out the t-shirt inside the stitches so that the brown material would show thru. Went thru Chad’s container of buttons and picked the perfect one for Mr. Turkey’s eye, stitched on a beak and legs with embrodiery floss and tacked on a gobbler made out of orange ribbon and WA-LAH!


I think all in all it took about an hour, probably less. When I had finished it all I stitched an ‘09 on the turkey. In case I keep it we will know what year this hand turkey was from…I need to come up with an idea to save them and use them every Thanksgiving – I think it would be fun to see the little hands in different sizes over the years.

DSC_0193 copy


Don’t worry Blake isn’t getting left out – he will be sporting his 

on Turkey Day too!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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