Friday, August 28, 2009



Dear Friends,

Oh I know you’ve not seen me around here so much.

But I’ve been busy, very busy. My days rush by like a blur. There’s my job (my busiest time of the year), you see: oh, a yearly tradeshow, hundreds of thousands of dollars of product to order and an office to get organized and manageable.

And then there’s a baby on the way. OH MY…his arrival is fast approaching. Rooms to paint, clothes to wash, things to sew, curtains to hang.

And then there’s the rest of life.

Like toddlers and husbands who need caring.

Like a house that needs up keep.

Like meals that need preparing.

Like a to-do list that needs tending.

And the honest truth is that I am just managing to hold it all together.


And the fact is that every night I look at my To Do List and I feel defeated.


And I wake up each day with determination to set things right.

But I don’t.

So I am praying and wishing for a miracle.

Every minute.

Do you have any to spare?



*I’ve got lots of things and pictures to post…I’ll be back soon, I promise. Besides next Friday will be Blake’s birthday and everyone deserves a picture!*


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