Friday, August 28, 2009

{Anxiously Waiting}

I’m 37 weeks this week. Full term according to what you read – although I did get an email on Tuesday about what you can expect during week 37 of your pregnancy and it stated that the baby should be about 6lbs. At our doctor’s appointment and sonogram on Monday they measured and guesstimated Blake was about 8.5lbs. and could even be so much as 2lbs. heavier than that…so much for those pregnancy week to week’s and Locker babies – clearly we run ahead of the pack.

It’s just the anxious waiting, the strained ligaments, the inability to see to have my legs, the puffy feet every now and then, the frequent bathroom trips, the back pain and the total lack of (restful) sleep . Truthfully, my sleeping hasn’t been too bad up until this past week. I had been sleeping most of the night. Now I’m just grateful if I can get back to sleep after waking up about every 2 hours.

If I ever did blame mothers for their children getting into things or wrecking havoc while they rested…I definitely don’t do that anymore. My mind is doing overtime, my body is doing overtime and there is just NO overtime.

If I sound like I’m complaining, I’m really not. I’m trying to be content with this stage of my pregnancy. I’m VERY thankful that we have 11lb. babies at our house and not 2lb. babies. I’m VERY thankful that I have a husband that is picking up a TON of the load that I’ve dropped. I’m VERY thankful that I have a daughter that likes to watch “movies” on Noggin and doesn’t mind piling up in mommies bed to do it.

We at least have a Birthday date on the calendar and that is helping in getting  the last minute things done and combing thru the to-do list and making a priority list of what needs to be done before Blake arrives and what can wait until after.

So this weekend, I plan to take it fairly easy. Maybe sleep in, go swimming and have some play time with Chad and Ella. The last weekend just the 3 of us, I’m getting just as emotional thinking about it as my last pregnancy when it was the last weekend of just Chad and I. Times they are a changin’.

But I will wait…patiently, I hope.

Although I REALLY can’t wait to have that baby boy in my arms. 7 Days and counting!

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