Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{A Letter From Mommy}

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Dear Ella Grace:

We are going to have a baby. You are going to be a Big Sister!

We don’t know what kind yet, or whether it will be smart or attractive or even interesting, but we know – because we’ve seen it – that it has a little lima bean body and a heartbeat and it lives in a cozy place and uses mommy’s belly button as a telescope. We don’t yet know its name, but we’d like to know and have decided to find out at our next appointment.

We don’t know if it will have curly hair – or hair at all, or if it will be left-handed like you. It might like sitting in the sun with mommy and digging it’s little toes in the sand, or maybe spending days on end playing outside in the snow, like daddy does. Regardless, it’s going to make our family complete.

Ella, please understand, we are inspired, in part, by you, to give you a brother or sister. It would be to my complete dismay to discover that you feel supplanted, replaced, or encroached upon by the new little smudge.

Before, I wasn’t sure if I was interested in being a mommy to another, but then you talk about it for a while, and it sounds like a thing to do, like going to a movie or something and sure, maybe baby? People around seem to think you should have another, and they’re sure you’ll like it, even though you like it pretty good like things are. It’s like they’re telling you that you should try the tacos at your favorite Mexican restaurant, which is your favorite restaurant because you like the enchiladas, but the truth is you’ve only ever had the enchiladas, but they’re your favorite so why would you have anything else? But everyone keeps telling you that the tacos are better. Or not better necessarily, they say, but just as good, in a different way. When you’re older Ella, you’ll understand.

I’m not sure you can put in many custom requests at this point, but if you have preference for a boy or girl you could try writing to Santa or something. Tell me if you do, I have some things I’ll add too.

Love, Mommy

April 1, 2009

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