Friday, March 27, 2009

{March 2009 Memories}

I'm starting to work on the big wall in my bedroom and after I get it all painted I'm going to start hanging some of my favorite photos of our family in black and white.

I am in love with silhouettes and I wanted to create some that held some fun memories also, not just the standard side shot of the face. I do have one that my mom gave me of Ella and I will treasure it always. Chad's grandmother did silhouettes of all of her grandchildren all about the same time and one year for Christmas she gave them to the grand kids framed. The faces were mounted on top of a letter that his grandfather had written his grandmother during the is very special. If I can find When I find the silhouette of myself from around 10 years of age I will hang them on the wall together. BLISS. We will of course add the newest little bit when they arrive in all of their glory. I'm thinking even Polly might have a silhouette coming her way...told you I'm in love with silhouettes.

Here is one that I will print and hang somewhere to admire...I am in love with this little girl...I just want to smooch all over those puffy little lips!


Hope your weekend has a sunny, fun-filled afternoon that includes a few bubbles!

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