Thursday, February 19, 2009

{A Beautiful Subject}

I was contacted before Christmas from a family friend who wanted to know if I would like to have a portrait done of Ella by an artist who would be visiting the local Art Fair in February. I of course thought that would be really fun so I agreed. The artist wanted me to wait until a little closer to February to get a picture to her so that she could see Ella a little older. She is doing the portrait off of a picture - we ALL know that Ella Grace couldn't/wouldn't sit still that long.

(Although she did make an appearance this morning and is supposed to be going back after nap time for one final showing -  you now how stars need their beauty sleep)

Today the artist from Abilene is at The Depot and is showing the local school kids how she goes about doing her work. They are coming in groups and are visiting her station for a moment before moving on to two different potters. It's really a neat idea and something that I wish we would have had the opportunity to do in school. Hey, anything for a field trip education.

I stopped by after lunch and she said that she was still not done because she has had so many students but I thought her progress was neat all the same. She really got the eyes - the shape and color is perfect. I think that it is supposed to be done by 3:00 today.

Such talent in so little time.

Picture copy

Now if mommy can only decide how to frame it and where to hang it in that timely of a manner...some things just take time Chad!

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