Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{Personal Shopper}

Yesterday I was introduced to my own personal shopper, yes, I have a personal shopper! How grand is that? And, it's FREE!

Actually I stumbled across this site... Here's what you do if you what a personal shopper.

  • give them tons of measurement- yes tons! They are gonna ask for your arm-pit measurement too! no.lie.
  • tell them your style ....modern, romantic, classic, etc.
  • give them your modesty standards - how much you want to show, etc.

What they do in return-

  • tell you your body type- from your measurements
  • locate all and everything that will work with your body type and what they think would look good on your body type- FINALLY
  • and only show you items that are in your modesty standards!

Here are a few of the suggestions that they came up with - what do you think?

I like both of these looks but with little bit running around I would like some more options with pants too! As they add more items to "your wardrobe" they will contact you. Personal Shopper 24/7. Makes you feel all important doesn't it?

Check it out

You can buy the accessories that they match up to your clothing right there on the spot.

I feel a crush coming on...o.k. maybe not THIS crush since it's about $498.00 but I do love this site! (and they do have a lot of affordable accessories to boot)

Shop now...thank me later.Go!

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