Wednesday, November 12, 2008

{Operation Nice Assignment}


Today's Assignment: Leave a Note
You can read the original post here. But the idea is to leave little love notes in unexpected places. You can either download the pdf of my Operation NICE Notes here, create your own note, or just write a message on a napkin or piece of scrap paper. You can leave the address of this site or have it be completely anonymous. It's up to you!

IMG_2462 copy(2)

This is the mirror in the bathroom of my office. I stuck it up there anonymously during lunch. It doesn't take much to make people smile.

Card reads: You look PRETTY today. Did you do something different to your hair?

1 comment:

Holamon House said...

I LOVED the nice note! It made me feel all warm-n-fuzzy inside. Thanks Meredith!