Thursday, May 15, 2008

OH, No She Din't...

What was SHE thinking?

Teen handcuffed for wearing skimpy prom dress @ Yahoo! Video

What all of a sudden makes it o.k. and acceptable for a 17 year old to dress in a "apparatus" like this? I understand wanting to look different than everybody else at prom but puh-lease...Hookers are not a look to be striving for.

But this? This is just hooker couture...gone wrong!

Oh, wait - I bet she got her events confused she thought Prom was next weekend and that she was really going to...

Mother? Where is her mother? Was her mother at home when she walked out of the house in this contraption, let's hope

She was arrested for causing a scene. And she believes that she is justified in getting her money back for her Prom that she wore an unapproved dress (that she had already signed a prom clothing policy agreement…this must be an issue at this school?) to and then throws a wall eyed hissy fit and cusses out the school officials. She's such a multi - tasker...all of this while not wearing any underwear!

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this probably will not be the last time that she has a run in with Johnny Law wearing not much more than a hand towel.

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