Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Gee-hossefat!

Jack Black Angelina Jolie finally confirmed she's carrying twins, and now she's getting her birthing team in order.

While I the simple minded mother get's ready for my big day by getting my mom to the wood and having the mister drive me to the hospital, Brangelina has assembled a large posse.

Jolie, is staying at the awful shack Villa Maryland on the French Riviera, supposedly her posse is as follows: personal doctor from California, two nannies, a midwife and a helicopter pilot ready to fly the actress to the hospital at the first contraction. There are also two other nearby facilities on call. She did reveal that the due date is August 19th...I like the 27th better but whatev...

And I thought I was hot stuff when I talked one of the maternity ward nurses into giving me a bottle of the hand sanitizer foam for our house. That's the royal treatment Bwood style!

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