Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm SO stinkin' excited!

Edited 5/12/08: Didn't happen - No Pictures; I'm trying not to pout!

It's Friday and I can hardly wait for the day to be over...wanna know why? Huh? Do you? At the youthful age of 30-ish, I'm going to my first drive in movie! Don't ask me why growing up in Wimberley I NEVER went to one movie at the Corral Theatre ~ good movies, cool atmosphere, outdoors...i know, I'm going to blame this one on my parents!

So tonight the mister, myself and little bit are going to the Town & Country Drive In in Abilene, Texas. We are taking our RV up to Abilene for the Western Heritage Rodeo and since we decided to not get tickets to the rodeo on Friday night I started looking into other things that we could do while we were there. That's when I found Town & Country ~ I know exciting right?!?!

We will be at the fair grounds all day Saturday shopping and eating from the different vendors and then go to the Rodeo on Saturday night. This is going to be Ella's first Western Heritage and I'm sure not her last! I think she's really excited too that she get's to wear her hot pink cowboy boots...even little cowgirls accessorize!

I'm thinking about packing a picnic for the fam that we can eat in the car while watching the movie. Oven Baked Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Fruit, Fried Apple Pies and of course some wine - that sounds nice and drive-in picknicky doesn't it!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I'll be sure and post pictures from our Fun in the Sun weekend!

By the way...You look great today ~ did you do something different with your hair?

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