Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Day at a Time!

Well it's 2 days past the estimated due date and still no baby. I go to the doctor this afternoon and we will see if I've made any progress in the right direction. If there is still no change then I will schedule with the doctor induction on Monday morning. I'm praying that she will come of her own accord anytime before Monday morning, but it's all out of my control (is that what I'm having such a problem with?). Of course we want her perfectly cooked and ready when she gets here but after 40 weeks of looking forward to August 21st and it coming and passing us up so quickly I just sit and wonder. Is induction the way too go? Should I wait it out longer? Is there something that I could be doing to speed up the process? Is there something that I am doing that is slowing down this process? The questions just keep circulating over and over.

The night of the 21st I went for a 2+ mile walk over to our cousins house to visit. (They say walking helps and I'm a little psychotic about walking anyways!) Their son, Jack, born on August 1st slept the whole time and it was nice to talk Mandy about all of the things that can (and probably will) happen, to me and my body once Ella gets here. It takes some of the guess work out of it. That might be the worst part is not knowing when, what, where, why or how. All of the unknowns; I guess it's just all in preparation for parenthood...

One day at a time! (It rings truer to me now than ever!)

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