Friday, January 13, 2012

{Project 52:2}


I do want to raise an independent thinking woman who can stand up for herself, take care of herself and mostly love herself but I find myself having the internal struggle, too often than I care to admit, on the right way to do that. She is most certainly capable of making a bunch of different decisions. What she eats? This child would turn into a cookie, sucker, cupcake or piece of gum – we do have to set boundaries there but what about other parenting “issues”?

It never fails that she walks out of her room dressed for church is ratty shorts, a “strap shirt” (her phrase for a tank top) and flip flops – 20 degrees outside, doesn’t matter. Her choice of clothing to go spend the day at my mom’s house? A 2 year old Christmas dress and patent shoes. I’m trying to get better about the “control” that I feel I need to have on the way she dresses. Purple dress with tulle, turquoise leggings with big white daisies all over and black shoes? Great – let’s roll, we are going to be late for Church! Hiding what I had picked out the night before and then walking out in 57  7 shades of pepto? Ok, you have a coat on – those are “kind of” leggings and at least they are all from the same color family – Perfect, now go get in the car – we are going to be late. (see a pattern here? we move slower than a pack of worms) I do want her to know that she does need to obey and follow the rules but I don’t know if staring up World War 3 at 7:00 in the morning over what SHE wants to wear is the way to do it. I want her to be dressed for the temperature (we are wearing a LOT of leggings under skirts right now) and I want her to be comfortable, but is it me who is uncomfortable - What are other going to think about her, about me as a mom, etc. ?

I think in the end it was me who learned the biggest lesson Tuesday morning. You are beautiful, you are independent and you are just FABULOUS – even in 7 different shades of pink! I do have my hands full with you but so is my heart.

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Stacy of KSW said...

Love you Mama! And your rocking pink mini me -- she reminds me of you and your incredible spirit, she can't help if it shines through ... her & Caroline would be quite the pair, and pack of worms (ha!!) trust me, I hear ya!! Love this new series :)