Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{Honoring a Fallen Hero}


Yesterday the Brownwood Community came out in full force to show support for a local firefighter who passed away after falling trying to catch a ball at a Texas Rangers game this past week. The funeral service was private for family, friends and fellow firefighters but we were encouraged to line the streets for the 8 mile funeral procession from the church to his final resting place.


IMG_7731A firefighter from California that  flew out to help man Station 2 for the service and burial -  passing out stickers to the kids

In this town of 20,000 people where  it is not small enough that you know everyone’s name it is still small enough that many are willing to support this family and honor this man.  Over 50 fire stations from all over Texas were there to show support for their “brother” and his wife and son.



Chad was in a truck in the procession and I was so proud of him (and all of the other men) and I was humbled and honored to share the event with my children. It’s just another reminder of how precious our lives are and how short our time on this earth can be. Kiss your Husbands. Hug your children tightly. Remember how fragile life is.


Please lift up the Stone family in your prayers during this difficult time – the power of prayer is Amazing!

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Stacy of KSW said...

Thanks for sharing this sweetie. I didn't know he was from your town. There has been a lot of talk about him here too, glad to see so much love being shown in his honor.