Thursday, January 14, 2010

{Rock Star}


Blake has decided to lead the life of a rock star.

He has tendencies to stay up way too late (New Year’s Eve), has multiple wardrobe changes (oh the drool), and a few dozen people who can't get enough of him.

Oh, and he drinks a lot.


Kelee Katillac said...

So cute--maybe he will be on the Grammys someday!

Meredith--Guess what? You won the $20 Hobby Lobby giveaway...e-mail your address...ok.?!!:)


love, kelee

The Powell Family said...

Totally random, but I saw your comment from Joy's Hope and clicked on your link because your name is Meredith which is my name. Anyway, I'm goofy, but I always like to see what other Meredith's are like. Then I saw that you are from Brownwood!!! Crazy because I live in Abilene. I just thought it was funny that we both had the same name, interested in the same blog and lived so close to each other. Small world! Great pictures on your blog! Nice to meet you! :) Sorry for such a random comment!