Sunday, October 4, 2009

{Dear Blake}

Are you really 6 weeks old?  It seems like just yesterday we were taking you home from the hospital. Time flies and I just want these newborn moments with you to stand still.

I hope you know how much I love you and what a joy you are to have in my life.  I look at you swinging away and grunting right now and I smile.  You really are the greatest gift and you have perfectly completed our little family.

You are growing up so fast!  You already seem to be getting chubbier cheeks, thighs and I just love all of your chins. I think you are going to be a heart breaker – I look into your eyes and just melt.  You have beautiful eyes, just like your sisters deep and blue. My little blue eyed boy.

You have your whole life ahead of you and I want only the best for you, but seeing as how you are only 6 weeks old I guess we have plenty of time for all of that.

You really are the most perfect little boy. Thanks for being so patient with me and giving me time to remember this whole newborn thing. Thanks for being so understanding of your big sister – she means well I promise. She just keeps telling us how much she loves you and even though she’s only 2 I know that her heart is just of full of you as mine is.

So I pray tonight that as you sleep you have the sweetest of dreams…I’ll see you about 5a.m. for our nightly snuggle session, just you and me.

I love you,


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