Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{Baby Shower…Sprinkled With Love}

Saturday afternoon my girlfriends threw us a baby shower. It was the “sweetest” party and we had a great time. It is so nice to be have such good friends and it is so nice that they LOVE my children (even the one that isn’t here yet).


It was a sweets shower and the house was decorated with turquoise and brown. Ella couldn’t decide if she loved the balloons or the sweets more – they both captivated her, at least until she opened HER present. My friend Mandy got Ella a blue baby doll. Quickly he was named baby brother and I can tell you that baby brother has not left her side since he “arrived” on Saturday. He came equipped with his own whistle (pacifier) and an outfit, pajamas and hat.


While unpacking and putting away all of the goodies on Sunday we found Ella’s baby his very own blankie and bib. The rest of the afternoon was spent rocking baby brother in her own rocking chair that is set up in the nursery. She was patting his back and telling him “Don’t cry, baby” – she’s very motherly already. Let’s just hope that she keeps that sweetness about her when baby brother finally gets here. She is a sweet girl and while I think it is going to be a transition for all of us there for awhile – I have a feeling that she is going to let us keep him.

We’re all waiting on you, Little Man!

Blake's Baby Shower

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