Wednesday, June 3, 2009

{Sweet Dreams}

We’ve been transitioning Ella to sleep in the Big Girl Bed in her room. After a few episodes at her Grandparent’s homes where she was getting out of her pack and play and showing up in the living room we thought it might be getting close to that time. Chad has wanted to do this for awhile now and I just couldn’t do it – she’s my baby, she still needs her crib. Mamma wasn’t ready. After listening to her early one morning on the monitor Chad went in her room to check on her to find her straddling her crib railing, holding on tight and wobbling. For her safety and since she’s not afraid of anything we were done with the crib.

The transition goes better some nights than others and it’s getting easier and easier. With her ability to get up out of bed I like to check on her at night before I go to bed. Makes mamma sleep better. (One night she was asleep on the step up to her bed – out like a light)

When I check on her I do have to just stop and watch her sleep for a little bit. I love to look at that sweet sleeping little face. Peaceful and getting rested for the next active day. What is that little personality going to be like when she’s 6, 16, and 26?

Yesterday afternoon was a rough afternoon of learning lessons for Ella. Several time-outs, lots of BIG tears, and a super strong-will. (Wonder where she gets that from?) It had to be addressed and it was. It ended in hugs, hold-you’s and smiles but it was a tough go there for about 30 minutes. Parenting is NOT for the weak of heart, especially with a child as independent and stubborn as Ella Grace.

Last night when I checked on her before going to bed, I had feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment and peace. She was in her bed (with her feet on the pillow and facing the footboard) and was being perfectly obedient, sleeping soundly while a thunderstorm took place right outside. I didn’t know with the storm if her sleep would last the night, but right then and there her little face told me that I was doing at least a part of my job right.

It’s good being a mamma. I hope I’m still saying that when she’s 16!

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