Friday, March 20, 2009

{It's Here!}

I really am working on not rushing things. I'm trying to slow down and appreciate all of the phases of Ella Grace because I know that one day they will just be a slight memory jogged by looking back at pictures. BUT...

SPRING IS HERE! Happy first day of Spring!

I really looked forward to Fall this year - I think this was a first for me. I enjoyed the leaves falling, cooler weather and the beautiful colors. While not wanting to rush things - I've been waiting for Spring to arrive. It knocked on our door a couple of weeks ago and I rushed (I'm a slow learner) to put my fall clothes away and get out the short sleeve shirts and shorts. Walking the neighborhood with a good friend and my mom got my spirits and energy up finally and I was ready...but We were quickly reminded that it was not quite Spring yet and the cold weather hit and laid over us like a blanket (but Thank You, God for the rain). I had to look for my warm clothes again.

Today, 80 degrees.

I think a little sunshine does wonders on the morning sickness soul. I have more energy. I'm not the exact color of paper anymore. I WAN T to do things around the house. (Poor Chad has been suffering with a lazy wife.)

I'm wishing for new beginnings, fresh starts, clean slates. I'm busy making lists and dreaming about cleaning, organizing, feathering my nest, and finishing our Master Bathroom. I'm wishing for fresh breezes and crisp line dried linens, for warm sunshine,  days spent enjoying the small moments with family and friends and freshly painted walls. My to-do list is getting longer and longer. My excitement is growing.

I hope your weekend is filled with Spring wishes that come true, sunshine on your face, birdie songs thru open windows and a painting mess that isn't all that hard to clean up.

Cheer up all! Spring is here!

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