Wednesday, March 4, 2009

{Cora Paige's Playground}

It's a cloudy outside right now but I would still rather be outside than between these 4 walls staring at a computer screen.


This is Cora Paige. After a quick month long battle with cancer she passed away on February 6, 2009. You can visit her mom and dad, The McClenahans here. After hearing about them and her story people all over the internet wanted to do something to help. Enter the Cora Paige Playground set up by her parents to honor their only child.

In an effort to help raise money for the playground crafters from all over banded together on Etsy to raise money to help support the project.

Tomorrow Etsy (an article here) will be donating all of the proceeds from those various sales to the McClenahans. All 194 shops on the same day so the account will show one big jump. Tomorrow the McClenahans are meeting with the playground builders and tomorrow would have been Cora Paige's 1st Birthday! God can move in very powerful ways.

So in an effort to do a small part and help make the playground a reality I purchased a little something for Ella Grace.


She will be headed our way shortly from her current home in Maryland and I can't wait for her arrival. I think this might just be the perfect first gift from Ella's little brother or sister. She was made with love and bought to help restore peace in the hearts of Cora's parents and fun and laughter for every child that step onto that playground. What a valuable life lesson to teach to Ella when she is old enough to understand. There are still people who care and who are willing to make a difference to complete strangers.

Oh look, the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds. It's going to be a beautiful day...I think we just might have to go to the playground after work.


as of 3:00pm Thursday
the Etsy Cora Playground Project has raised

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Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to tell you how much my family appreciates your support. We are overwhelmed by the donations and generosity from people all over Kansas, the country and the world. Thank you so much.

Laura Glendenning
Cousin of Cora's Father.