Monday, November 17, 2008

{Does Your Spit Hang?}

When I was growing up I always heard the saying "That'll make your spit hang" from my grandfather when he was referring to something that was sweet or tangy. Sunday night my mom came over and made dinner and to finish it off she made me a birthday pie...Coconut with a pile of Meringue on top. Ella got to lick the spatula...she was rather hesitant at first but after we let her have it there was no going back.

DSC_0304 copy

DSC_0305 copy

DSC_0306 copy

DSC_0307 copy

DSC_0308 copy

DSC_0309 copy

DSC_0310 copy

DSC_0311 copy

DSC_0312 copy

The Culprit...

DSC_0313 copy

My momma makes a mean Coconut Creme Pie...can't you just taste it?

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