Wednesday, October 22, 2008

{The Boys Are Back}

So last Friday at 3:00 Sara, Miranda, Mandy and Myself all headed south bound to San Antonio for the NKOTB Concert at the AT&T Center.

NKOTB 2008 022 copy

NKOTB 2008 021 copy

We arrived at the AT&T Center right at 8:00 - got parked, walked in and were told that our seats had been upgraded. I choose to believe it was because we are their biggest fans not because the concert wasn't sold out. I'm a glass half full kinda gal! There were groups of women everywhere - some even dressed up.

NKOTB 2008 023 copy

Natasha Bedingfield opened up for The Block. She is precious and from London and has some great hits like Love Like This & Pocket Full of Sunshine. She did a great show and played for about 45 minutes before she announced that the boys would be heading out on stage about 9:00.

NKOTB 2008 003 copy

And at 9:00 pm the fireworks started and the shrieking began.NKOTB 2008 031 copy

NKOTB 2008 027 copy

*This dude was jamming out in front of us.The.Whole.Time*

NKOTB 2008 001 copy

NKOTB 2008 032 copy

NKOTB 2008 002 copy

*Mandy and I singing along to - Please Don't Go Girl...Like you couldn't tell!*

NKOTB 2008 004 copy

*The shirts Mandy made for us...with the names of our favorites on the back.

I was always a sucker for Jordan and Mandy loved Donnie*


Mandy's husband you see a resemblance?

At least she's consistent with her men!

NKOTB 2008 005 copy

NKOTB 2008 024 copy

NKOTB 2008 028 copy

NKOTB 2008 032 copy

They played about 15 songs - half old, half off the new album.

I suggest getting that album if you haven't's awesome!

There was dancing! And matching outfits! And shirtless boy banders (trust me Jordan in no longer a boy)! We could hardly contain our excitement along with the 13,000 other women.

They closed with Hangin' Tough and 15 years later they still have the Right Stuff!

Sorry for the poor quality but you get the idea!

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Nikki said...

yall are CRAZY!!!! im cracking up!