Friday, October 31, 2008

{80's Baby}

I thought when I got home yesterday after work that Chad was preparing Ella Grace for Halloween. Not.So.Much.

IMG_2387 copy

Tennis Shoes.Gray Sweat pants. Size 4 t-shirt (she's wearing 18 - 24 mth. tops). Mommy's Hair Clip. Pink Headband. Daddy's Watch.

IMG_2388 copy

The pants were so that she would be comfortable while playing in the yard and helping daddy work on the fence. T-shirt? Comfortable also. The hair clip - Necessity...The shirt hangs down past her knees. And the pink headband was added because she looked like a boy and needed to sass things up a bit. The watch she loves...anything that belongs to daddy she loves. And every baby needs a camoflauge koozie on their bottle to keep it cool - duh!

IMG_2389 copy

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. She rocked that 80's look all day.

IMG_2396 copy

She told me how pitty (pretty) she was and she's right - she is pitty!

IMG_2393 copy

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