Thursday, September 18, 2008

{My Toddler & a (Be)Dazzler}

O.k. so not the best picture but I wanted to show you:

a.) How my one year old daughter looks like she's 3


b.) This precious outfit that Nikki MADE Ella Grace for her Birthday

The shirt says "Daddy's Girl" in rhinestones and has shorts to match (pretty sure she didn't sew the clothing - wink) and she made a little "clippie" bow that matches. I immediatley went home and put the bow in Diddles hair and she kept it in - UH.MAZE.ING I tell you!

(I even requested more...hmmm wonder if those are ready yet? Nikki?)

Thank goodness for those because that is all that Ella will let me put on her head - headbands get tossed across the room as soon as mommy turns around.

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