Thursday, September 4, 2008

Healing Prayers...

I'm not sure what it is: I'm getting older, more sentimental, I'm a mother now, but when I received an email yesterday from my mother my heart broke.

Wimberley, TX is a really small town and I went all the way thru school with the majority of the same people. We all played on the same t-ball teams, participated in the same square dance school programs every year, and we all grew up together. Looking back then some of the "things" that we dealt with were trivial and really not that big of a deal (although at the time we would have begged to differ). We attended dance classes together in elementary school and prom together in high school. This may be how a lot of you were growing up but it seemed like we were all really close to each other...and now I still feel as if I'm close to some of them today. Some I have not seen in 13 years (shout out to Sara :) ) some I saw 3 years ago at our 10 year high school reunion and I've run into a few more here and there since then.

Please pray for my two friends from Wimberley - Juna & Jesse Brown (and daughter Shelby).

Friends and family,

It is with deep sorrow that I let you know that Juna and Jesse's little baby boy, Griffin David was delivered this evening very prematurely and immediately went home to be with Jesus.

Please pray God's profound comfort for this family and pray healing and protection for Juna as she recovers from the delivery and from a DNC that was performed after the delivery.

"Father, we confess that you are good, loving, merciful and kind. We, thru intercession, usher in your sufficient and comforting love to Juna, Jesse, Shelby, Marty, Tracey, Trace, Dylan and precious baby Brown.

We speak 'Jesus' over the baby right now. We pray the peace of Jesus over the baby. Thank you that you are there, Jesus, holding, comforting as you cradle Juna and the baby in your arms.

Sometimes I wish we were back in the days when all we had to worry about was what outfit we were going to wear to school and if that boy was finally going to notice us.

This is one of those days.

I hurt for them and I know that I can't make the loss that they are feeling go away. I wish a blizzard from DQ and an afternoon of jumping on the trampoline or playing with Barbies would make it all better.


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