Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank You!

Here is an email from my daddy to a friend in the Emmaus prayer chain in Wimberley...It will give you an idea of his progress and just how strong the power of prayer is. Thank you for all of the calls and emails regarding his recovery.


Just a note to express my heartfelt gratitude for the prayers, cards, calls, and visits from the Emmaus community and beyond during my recovery from a recent fall. Although it could have been much more serious, I believe the persistence of prayers has helped me make great progress in a short period of time. Currently, I am undergoing physical therapy three times a week for my right wrist that was broken during the fall, and continue to monitor the condition of my eyesight. Although it is not 100%, I am back at work and doing my own driving again. Since my forehead took the brunt of the fall, I am thankful to be able to see as well as I do. Plus, I am back to walking three miles a day and have recently resumed my workout schedule at the gym, even though the exercises have been greatly reduced. So, considering a twelve foot belly-flop to concrete six weeks ago, I think I am doing fantastic! (Oh, and even though my wrist is in rehab, my fingers have been working great from the moment of my surgery the day after the fall and I am playing guitar just as bad as before! Jeana and I recently sang and played at a wedding for a church friend that we watched grow up.) And let me take this opportunity to thank my wife Jeana for taking great care of me, from the moment she found me lying on the concrete to this day. Thank you buddy!

So without carrying on too much, I just want to thank everyone so much for your prayers and concerns during this time. I am convinced that your prayers are the most important reason I am doing so well. I'm not 100% yet, but I am well on my way.

Much love,
Tim Fulfer

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